Medical Coaching

Medical Coaching is a unique emotional and mental coaching process. It supports individuals to both cope with a medical crisis or condition, and create or recreate mental and emotional wellbeing as a way of life.

The process enables clients to develop their own empowering vision of health, gain personal insights and take action to create authentic structures for change.

Ultimately Medical Coaching aims to empower clients in the midst of a medical crisis so that they can experience a life of meaning and self-fulfilment.


What can Medical Coaching do?

  1. Discover new perspectives and relevant resources.

  2. Integrate core values and life vision into the medical treatment.

  3. Set relevant and responsible goals

  4. Clear trauma related or triggered by the medical crisis.

  5. Clear anxiety and phobia related or triggered by the medical crisis.

  6. Teach relaxation and self-help techniques.

  7. Provide emotional support throughout the process.

  8. Teach empowering communication skills the client can use with care givers, medical team, family and community.

The beauty and strength of the Medical Coaching model is that it addresses all aspects of the client's life and not just the symptoms and/or the illness.


Who can benefit from Medical Coaching?

Medical Coaching is relevant for anyone who feels affected by a medical condition or crisis. These can include:

  • Experiencing an illness, Medical crisis, Medical trauma and/or stress and "burn out".
  • Family members/Caretakers.
  • Health Care Professionals.


Who can be a Medical Coach?

Medical Coaching is an advanced training for professional, accredited life and/or executive coaches.

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